This year I gave myself a present, I went to see Gregg Braden’s Fractal Time presentation.  The presentation was promoting his new book coming out on March 17th. The presentation was about Universal, Global and Personal cycles.

My present showed me that we all create certain patterns and that we have to reexamine our lives and see what part of them keeps repeating, and determine what part / parts needs a change.  How do we do the?  Once we determine the pattern, we acknowledge it and surrender it.


The presentation went on to mention that with intention and determination we can break old patterns and create new patterns whether it is a health, wealth or a relationship pattern.  Think about it, is this the time we have been waiting for?   We can create better relationships, better health, or even better and more wealth just by breaking a pattern.

MIA says to please take the time to examine that part of you that is yearning for change.  Become the creators of that which is yearning for change. Become the creators of your life. Believe, trust, have faith and with Love all is possible.

Remember when we transform ourselves, we transform the world!


Love& light,

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