In Spanish!! Save the date, Lee Carroll & Kryon are coming!
Kryon Up Close
Join your spiritual family for a
Kryon Family Reunion 
in Miami, Florida!!
With Spanish Translation!!
Hey there, have you heard? Lee Carroll & Kryon are coming to Miami for a highly energetic event to get you rewired, recharged and reconnected with your spiritual family


The Best of Kryon”

Up Close Seminar with Lee & Kryon
Evening Lemurian Sisterhood Circle with Dr Amber Wolf
Lee’s classic “Up Close” seminar is packed with profound information from both past and present… and the future!  He’ll give NEW info about DNA, describe the new paradigms for the Old Soul and explore the concept of reality as he reveals the secrets to creating good synchronicity in your life.  And as always, you’ll experience the loving wisdom of Kryon during live channelings. 

Dr. Amber Wolf invites you to reawaken your Divine Feminine Essence and activate your Lemurian DNA during this initiation into the Sacred Circle of the Lemurian Sisters.
Come and be saturated in the love of spirit, surrounded by your spiritual family during a re-union like none other.  Lee won’t be back for several years, so come get a hug from Spirit – and me, too!

Loving Family HUGS!!Rosario Cobar

Kryon Host, Miami

Email  |  786-473-8741


PS: Never been to a Kryon event? Call me, I’ll tell you about it!


Lee<br /><br /><br />
                                              CarrollLEE CARROLL, PhD is the original Kryon channel for this loving entity for 26 years worldwide. He’s the author of the Kryon Series of 18 books in 25 languages. Kryon books are well known in Metaphysics,  making top seller lists within months of release. One of them, The Indigo Children, introduced the term “Indigo Children” to the world. Having presented seven times at the United Nations and in thirty three countries overseas, Lee’s events attract audiences in the thousands.


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(Biological Decoding) with Prof. Enrique Bouron

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Use the following group code for the Embassy Suites Airport,    Group Code: 600  

Embassy Suites Miami Int’l Airport
3974 NW South River Drive | Miami, FL 33142
+1 305.779.5003  f +1 305.634.0138



“Immersion in the DNA Field” Workshops with Dr. Todd
For 2 wildly transformational days learning advanced sound
healing & balancing with Dr. Todd’s powerful Pineal Toning technique.
You will build skills for self and global advancement and activation!

Saturday & Sunday February 7 and 8, 2015

Early Registration $250.00 p/p until JANUARY 15, 2015
Registration Fee $333.00.00 p/p available at the door


Holiday Inn Sarasota Bradenton Airport
8009 15th Street East
Sarasota, FL 34243


Registration: 9:00am
Event 10:00am to 6:00pm
Times subject to change


General Information:
Special Room Rate $149.00 p/r
Pineal Tones Group




For over twenty years, the teacher Peggy Phoenix Dubro has been receiving information on a profound technique called EMF Balancing. Now the teacher actually becomes the process, and her DNA shifts accordingly. She is the only Human on the planet to absorb the full impact of what EMF teaches … at 100%. What this means is that she can now reflect on the compassion of Humanity in a unique way, and create channeling that embodies the full energy of what a true master would have. Her DNA portal opens… to this new expansion, Reflections… and more!”
………….~ KRYON 2012

Join 18-year Kryon Tour Team member, Peggy Phoenix Dubro, for TWO workshops that will knock your energetic socks off. On Sunday, she presents her latest work “The Waves”. Come experience this sound-energy technique that unites unique tones that Dr. Todd created specifically for The Waves, with energetic patterns and movements developed by Peggy. Then on Monday, she’ll teach you how to channel (yes, even YOU can channel!) Staggeringly awesome weekend…check it out!


Use the following group code for the Embassy Suites Airport,   Group Code: 600 

Embassy Suites Miami Int’l Airport
3974 NW South River Drive | Miami, FL 33142
+1 305.779.5003  f +1 305.634.0138